Mar 04, 2024 - Street Lighting Poles | Reliable Street Lighting Poles In Canada

Street light poles, constructed using robust tubular steel, are specifically designed to endure the rigorous conditions of Canadian winters. Nevertheless, like all large-scale infrastructure, they require regular upkeep to prevent significant failures. At Novapole, our street light poles stand out in terms of quality and durability, ideal for various public areas like streets, parking lots, and other communal spaces. We ensure ongoing maintenance of our products to keep your locations well-lit. Nova Pole is known for its cost-effective, high-quality production of infrastructure products. Our extensive range includes tubular steel poles for street and highway lighting, traffic signage, as well as poles for electrical distribution and transmission, wireless communications, sports lighting, and more. We also specialize in decorative streetscape lighting poles and bases.



Lifespan of Street Light Poles


The typical lifespan of a street light pole is about 50 years, provided it receives consistent maintenance. Built to endure all weather conditions, these poles are crucial for the efficient operation of public areas, offering necessary lighting to enhance visibility and safety after dark. This ensures a sense of security in public spaces such as neighborhoods and parking lots.


Street light poles face various environmental challenges, including direct sunlight, extreme cold, varying temperatures, adverse weather conditions, and strong winds. In Canada, we deal with all of these weather conditions every year with our harsh Winter weather. These elements can compromise the pole's functionality and shorten its lifespan. Minor damages like scratches or dents might escalate into more significant problems if left unattended. To ensure that these poles remain functional and safe to keep up, we ensure all our poles are made from quality materials that last. 

A damaged pole becomes vulnerable to moisture, dust, snow, ice, and other harmful elements, leading to corrosion that weakens its structure. Neglected maintenance can result in the pole collapsing or becoming non-functional, posing a risk to both the environment and public safety.


Importance of Winter Maintenance for Lighting Poles


Establishing a routine maintenance schedule for lighting poles is particularly important during winter. Regular inspections, conducted every few years, are essential to identify and address immediate repair needs. Street lighting poles should also undergo ground resistance testing, which involves checking power supplies, ground electrodes, and power grids.

Our Nova Pole specialists meticulously record every maintenance action and inspection, ensuring thorough documentation for future reference. This approach also facilitates addressing non-routine issues, such as reported lighting malfunctions or structural failures, more efficiently.

Consistent maintenance, especially in winter, is crucial for ensuring area safety and keeping street lights functional during heavy snowfall or freezing temperatures.


Nova Pole’s Range of Robust Lighting Poles


The effectiveness of street light poles relies heavily on the quality of the materials and equipment used. Nova Pole’s range includes industry-grade tubular steel and top-quality aluminum poles, guaranteed to provide reliable illumination.

Our poles come in various designs and sizes to suit different needs, including Davit, Tapered, Round Straight, and Square Straight poles. Each type offers unique functionalities but all are equally effective. At Nova Pole, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most resilient public infrastructure solutions in the market, all at a competitive price and with flexible quoting options. Our commitment extends to ensuring that street light poles remain functional throughout the challenging winter months. We aim to give you a clear understanding of the life expectancy of a street light pole, its importance during winter, and the range of products we offer to meet your needs. For installing top-notch street lighting poles in your public spaces, contact Nova Pole today. Discover more about our quality infrastructure products and request a quote!