Apr 17, 2018 - Street Sign Structures - What to Consider

Street sign structures play a critical role when it comes to guiding road users looking for exits or directions, and ensuring proper flow of traffic.


This further lays emphasis on the importance of these structures being made of top quality materials so that they can withstand extreme weather conditions as well as collision.


So apart from serving their primary function, the sign posts also need to be able to save lives and incur minimum damage to both - the vehicle and the driver.    



Slip-based sign posts


Many sign structures manufacturers utilize slip-based system to support signage that helps posts break down in a certain way to ensure minimum damage to both driver and vehicle. In this approach, two posts are joined together through connector plates. The assembly is as follows: the lower post with plate on top is put into ground, the upper post with plate at the base is placed above, and then both plates are joined together through bolts.


The breakaway point is usually located closer to the ground level. So, when the collision occurs, upper post is most likely to be impacted. The bolts pop out and plates slip, allowing the vehicle to pass over underground piece while its above-ground counterpart gets knocked out.   


Tapered Pole Design


The street sign structures featuring tapered design are used in various applications such as telecommunication towers and roadway lighting, due to their durability. Due to their geometric design, tapered poles are less likely to transmit vibrations (caused by winds) than the non-tapered poles. Moreover, the slip-joint system between sections of the tapered poles depends on friction and gravity, which eliminates the need of welding.


The welding may sometimes exert excessive pressure on the base metal, causing fatigue cracking.      


When looking for the best street signs manufacturers for your project, it is important to ensure the welders have proper certifications as per the standards set by the regulating authority. It’s always a good idea to conduct an extensive research beforehand and be aware of various options available in market to make a well-informed decision.


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