May 18, 2018 - Benefits of Installing LED Solar Flood Light Poles

Due to the skyrocketing levels of pollution and subsequent environmental degradation, adopting a green lifestyle has become more of a necessity, rather than a responsibility.


Be it home, office or the roads, we need to make environmentally-safe choices in almost everything we do - with installing LED solar flood light poles being one of them. Besides being eco-friendly, LED solar lighting has lower depreciate rates than its traditional counterparts which lends it an extended shelf life. It can be installed in nearly any location without the need of traditional power.


Thanks to the tremendous benefits and hence popularity of these lighting solutions, you can easily find a professional flood light poles manufacturer in Ontario who can assist you with your infrastructure lighting project.



Here are some more reasons why you should go for LED solar flood light poles:


Wider coverage to ensure security


LED lights provide a larger spread of consistent light stream, which ensures a clearer vision while leaving less area in the dark. Since LED light is better able to emulate natural sunlight than any other lighting alternative out there, it will help make roads safer for both pedestrians and drivers.


Easy facial recognition


Since the level of LED lighting is nearly closer to that of natural sunlight, one can easily recognize a face from as far as 30’ away. This feature will help people be aware of what’s in their surroundings, thus adding to the safety quotient.


Prevent crime against people and property


This is probably the biggest benefit of utilizing LED solar flood light poles because the lighting can operate even when the power is out. This will certainly deter criminals from succeeding in their nefarious goals, thereby enhancing the safety of both people and property. Even if something happens, LED lighting can help the law enforcement personnel in facial recognition.  


Make it easy to use other safety equipment like cameras in the area


LED lights will also facilitate good lighting for cameras to clearly record what is happening in a particular area at a given time. To ensure an optimum setting for the camera usage, LED lights can operate at comparatively lower levels and then switch to higher levels (through motion detectors) to enhance the vision and distance of camera’s sight.


Motion detectors, when fitted with the light poles, can elevate the security factor more and reduce the power consumption overall, as the light will operate only when something moves in that area. When motion is detected, the light will be on for a certain period of time, allowing you to see what exactly triggered the detector. To avoid fake alarms, for example a small animal passing by the road, you can set the sensitivity level of motion detector at desired limits.    


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