Sep 11, 2018 - Quick Facts About Flood Lighting & Its Diverse Application Areas!

Flood lights shoot a wider spread of light to the area or in the figurative sense, flood the surrounding area with a great deal of light. The density of the light is exceedingly high, often comparable to that of natural daylight.


Although this kind of lighting does find its usage in an array of indoor areas, a majority of its popularity is credited to its magnificence in illuminating large areas outdoors, such as sports arenas, stadiums, open parking lots and such.



Components and Types of Flood Lights


Since flood lights are mostly installed in outdoor settings, the pertinent fixtures need to be durable enough to endure all sorts of weather situations. There are special flood light poles made of sturdy metal such as aluminum that can protect the lighting from low and high temperatures, storms, rains, and high winds.


When it comes to the type of flood lighting available, solar and LED flood lights have gained huge momentum lately, replacing halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs. LED lights consist of solid state components which do not need any gas to be illuminated and do not heat up over the prolonged use.


The longevity of LED lights is one of the key reasons why an increased number of people is now moving away from the traditional bulb lights and towards the LED innovation. Once installed properly, LED lights can continue to function for up to 10 years under regular circumstances before they require replacement. This can be especially beneficial for commercial properties, storage houses and warehouses as the maintenance costs will be drastically reduced.


The best thing is that, in the imminence of the end of its life-cycle, LED fades away slowly, giving you ample time for the replacement. As LED lights need less replacement, they also further contribute to the environment with less waste requiring to be dealt with.


Moreover, LED flood lights are highly resistant to damages from all sorts of attack. As they are held in tough casings, it’s not easy to break them, and they can keep going strong even at extremely high or low temperature. Their ability to work under extreme conditions make them ideal for cold storage units.


You will need fewer bulbs to lighten up a large area because of their crisp brightness, thus helping you to save money. As LED bulbs use less electricity than other kinds of bulbs, they are environmentally friendly and prove a cost-effective choice.


Application Areas


Many sports events are organized in evenings or in low-light conditions, and it becomes necessary to install sufficient amount of artificial lighting to substitute the natural sunlight. Flood lighting will ensure the event is executed successfully, and that the lighting levels are adequate to meet the intended broadcast quality levels.


Music concerts or plays also benefit greatly from flood lighting as it’s easy to direct the stream of lighting where required. This is especially important when the concert is being held outdoors. Another area where flood lighting has established its dominance is search and rescue operations where a consistent stream of flood light can be directed to scan the wide area from a distance.


In addition to commercial purposes, homes can also benefit from this type of lighting by using it as a security measure to deter burglars. By integrating sensors, you can design the lighting to illuminate the area whenever a trespasser attempts to enter. The public parks where the area needs to be lit at all times can make the best use of LED flood lighting.


Quality of Flood Lighting Poles - A Crucial Point to Consider!


Since flood lighting poles will be subjected to a variety of weather conditions during their lifecycle, it’s extremely important to ensure they are durable and resistant to these elements. Nova pole is a leading producer of flood lighting poles in Ontario for large outdoor areas such as prison yards, parking lots, airports, industrial plants, ports, railway yards, highways, and interchanges.


Integrating top latching and bottom latching lifting mechanisms, these high mast poles are manufactured for specific requirements and are shipped in sections to ensure the ease of handling and installation. The shaft sections comply with the latest standards set forth by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials).


Choose the best when it’s the matter of flood lighting poles that can determine the success (or failure) of your entire infrastructure project!    


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