Oct 23, 2018 - Traffic Light Poles: Little Known Benefits and Applications

Traffic light poles and decorative street poles have far-reaching benefits and applications - most of which are widely ignored. They are ubiquitous elements and are a fixture in our towns and cities and yet, have somehow managed to go largely undetected by the general population. You’d be in very rare company if you’re someone who stops and admires these infrastructural behemoths.



Traffic Light Poles: So Much More Than Meets the Eye!

Our generation is one that leads a very travel-intensive lifestyle. This has prompted the growth of automotive and foot traffic on the streets to an almost overwhelming degree. Traffic light poles do a great deal to add to the safety of not only pedestrians but also commuters on wheels. These are designed just so, so as to meet intersection and roadway requirements. Not only that, they also have to abide by certain council or road authority stipulations.


Of course, in a country like Canada whose weather inflicts a severe structural strain on any public installation, these traffic poles have to be incredibly sturdy so as to withstand even the most challenging conditions. Besides that, they also have to lend themselves well to the scenic beauty of all the surrounding elements and complement rather than corrupt. Needless to say, these installations keep several plates spinning all at once and wear many hats other than the obvious ones.


Attractive and Customizable Designs

High-quality traffic poles are hard to come by. They must be constructed as per the exact specifications of the municipalities and provinces wherein they are to be erected. At Nova Poles, we supply a whole host of attractive solutions (both standard and customized!) that bring life to your design vision. Aluminium poles, tubular steel poles, galvanized finishes, factory paint coat finishes and several custom colours truly cater to the urban experience. While most prefer to go with conventional steel alternatives, aluminium traffic poles can do the job just as well. Of course, design isn’t just about form but also about function!


Our traffic pole applications come with decorative cast bases in several eye-catching colours. Take your pick from octagonal, round, fluted and sixteen sided shafts and mast arms to cater to any and all applications.


Our engineers our committed to creating customized configurations right down to the last millimeter. These high-grade traffic poles are not only performance-savvy but also incredibly cost-effective.


Superior Durability and Easy Installation

Traffic poles have to be expertly constructed to perform flawlessly in both low- and high-volume environments. They direct and maintain the flow of traffic by communicating vital road signals to drivers and pedestrians alike. Aluminium poles are much lighter than their steel counterparts and do not compromise on durability or strength whatsoever.


They are also much easier to install. Because these come with excellent corrosion resistant abilities, they do not have to be disassembled for maintenance. In the long run, aluminium poles are definitely the more wallet-friendly option seeing as frequent replacement is made redundant.


Traffic lights and mounted cameras do need their fair share of maintenance every now and then. In such cases, you can opt for raise and lower traffic poles. These are crafted from low-weight aluminium and can be operated manually. This allows you to carry out their maintenance in a secure and safe manner. Eventually, these lower the costs of traffic management and maintenance as they negate the dangers of working at high altitudes.


There are several hinged contraptions that come hand in hand with the pole you choose. These are crash-friendly, meaning that they adhere to federal safety codes so that no pedestrian is put in harm’s way nor are they easily damaged upon impact.


Caters to a Wide and Diverse Range of Applications

Traffic lights aren’t all these poles are designed to support. They also accommodate various other fittings to allow for the smooth flow of traffic in the busiest locations around the country. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Crosswalk cantilevers

  • Extensions

  • Vehicular sensors

  • Security and Traffic Cameras

  • Speed Warning Signs

  • Pedestrian Signs

  • Gantries

  • Push Buttons

  • Other Relevant Signages and Accessories


Because these poles were specifically crafted to cater to a wide range of applications, they even perform in sports and stadium settings and for telecommunication purposes.

Invest in High-Grade Traffic Light Poles That Can Go the Distance!

Let us help you make the right decision. Traffic light poles have plenty of features and functions. Finding one that matches your needs can be tricky. Call us at 1-866-874-8889 to receive expert guidance on what works best for you!