Nov 19, 2018 - 4 Things Outdoor Lighting Poles Do Besides Simply Illuminating the Area

Pitch black areas tend to have a very unsettling effect on people. Like indoor lighting, exterior light sources are just as important to provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment. Not only do they have to be attractive, but they also have to sufficiently illuminate the streets, walkways, patios, and storefronts so that you aren’t inconvenienced in any way.



Outdoor light post manufacturers in Canada like Nova Pole provide industry-grade equipment to make this possible. Whether you require aluminium or tubular steel fixtures, we make them to order so that you can enjoy efficiency and safety in all your operations!


Below we’ve summarized all the different benefits that these outdoor behemoths bring to our communities.


Positively Transforms the Aesthetic of the Neighbourhood

Over and above basic illumination, lights draw the eye to key factors in the landscape that require your attention. They can transform the entire look of the neighbourhood if placed correctly. Whether you’re looking for a stark bright illumination or more of a softer effect, lighting poles come in all shapes, sizes and functionality requirements.


There are very few instances wherein one would prefer a poorly lit area to be in. Unless your star-gazing or looking for fireflies, chances are that outdoor lighting poles are something you simply cannot do without. Given all the outdoor lighting options you can get at Nova Pole, finding one that suits your exact needs is a breeze.


Deters Intruders From Entering the Premises

Lighting poles accommodate tons of different luminaires. Some of these may be activated through a series of sensors. They automatically come on when they detect motion in close proximity. Unsuspecting intruders get startled with this sudden illumination and are unlikely to continue with their ill-intentioned tasks. In such cases, the lighting pole doubles up as a very effective watchdog!


Outdoor poles do a lot to enhance the safety and security of the community. Additionally, these fixtures also prevent accidents in alleys, cul-de-sacs and other areas where collisions, slips, and falls are likely to occur.


Low Maintenance and High Durability to Cut Community Infrastructural Costs

At Nova Pole, our outdoor lighting poles are built to last. They are extremely sturdy and can withstand temperamental weather conditions - especially in a country like Canada. Whether they’re dealing with hail, rain, snow storms or harsh sunlight, the materials used are top-notch.


This reduces the need for constant repair, replacement or general maintenance. If such poles are installed in areas experiencing budget constraints, there is absolutely no cause for concern.


It is this superior durability that lets them perform without a hitch in both high- and low- volume settings. They also come with excellent corrosion resistance. Besides, they are crash-friendly which means that, even if a vehicle happens to collide with them, the aluminium poles reduce the risk of personal injuries.


These constructions have been tested against the strictest federal safety norms to ensure that they protect you at any time and in any situation.


Don’t Restrict Your Creativity, Customize Them As You Like!

Nothing is more refreshing than enjoying design flexibility to flatter the surrounding areas as much as possible with your lighting poles.


Apart from the light itself making the surrounding areas look good, the poles come in a variety of sleek and attractive designs so as not to be an eyesore to spectators. They serve to complement rather than corrupt other fixtures such as traffic poles, street signs, telephone poles and the likes.


Security aside, they bring a sense of style and character to the neighbourhood. At Nova Pole, we carry a wide range of options such as Davit poles, tapered poles, round straight poles, and square straight poles.


You have the option of exploring various bases and footings, custom sizes right down to the last millimetre, and grooves that can accommodate a wide range of luminaires.


Why compromise on your design vision when you can have it all at Nova Pole?


We Make Your Shopping Experience That Much Easier!

Don’t rush, take it easy! Visit the Nova Pole website, go to the page that has the pole styling you had in mind and download the full-size printable cut sheet. This will give you access to all the dimensions, models and decorative options for each pole. You can browse through these at your leisure and arrive at the most optimal decision.


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