Oct 22, 2020 - Infrastructure Poles: Shop Smart (Types, Benefits, Cost) | Sign Post Manufacturers, Canada

No matter the aim or direction of your recent project you probably need some pole work from giving it the support it needs, to making your public space beautiful and providing functionality at the same time. Whether you are interested in highway sign structures or looking into getting some lighting poles to brighten up the space you want the best and most reliable work you can find. 



Our team at Nova Pole works to live up to our reputation as high-quality sign post manufacturers and more. As a Canadian manufacturer, we have a variety of clients with different needs for their poles but Nova Pole always lives up to our quick delivery and top quality engineered poles. 


What Infrastructure Pole Will Best Fit My Project?

There is a lot of variety out there in poles and even within specific pole types. One such example is utility poles; which, yes, provide overhead support for electrical lines but can provide the infrastructure for carrying communication cable, phone lines, optical fibre cables, traffic equipment, streetlights, and even broadcast equipment. What they all have in common is being anchored to the ground and having the support to carry a network of cables or wires at heights outside of normal reaching range for both security and protection. 


Lighting can be a great choice for pubic spaces and very effective, so long as it fits its purpose and is sustainable and of excellent quality. By going with industry-grade tubular steel poles they are able to Illuminate the streets safely and efficiently. Other poles to consider depending on your project can be Tapered Poles, Round Straight Poles, Davit Poles, and Square Straight Poles. 


Infrastructure Poles - Benefits And Customization

It doesn’t just end at getting a streetlight or utility pole though. Customization and different accessories can bring in not only an aesthetic purpose but also benefit the functionality of your pole or bring in new benefits. From adding in a stylized base and changing the colour of your pole to bullhorns, banner & basket arms, security hand hole system, and more. By bringing in customizable arms to your pole you can work with both form and function.


What About The Cost?

Depending on your pole choice and any additional things cost is a huge variable that weighs on people’s minds a lot. This is where other factors come in, like the land size that you are working with, whether it’s the area you are illuminating or placing signs along with or more. Specifics of the pole also come into play; the required height of your poles, diameter, etc.  


Lighting, for example, you can see prices range from a few hundred dollars to going into the thousands this is because it’s internally dependant on differences between manufacturers, roadway widths, and other project-specific factors. Usually, lighting is worked with as a system, instead of buying an individual pole to fully illuminate the space.


Meanwhile, road signs are a bit similar to lighting poles in that they need to be distributed correctly and spaced accordingly or otherwise having too many too close can confuse drivers or pedestrians and have the opposite effects. These signs can range between a hundred up to a couple thousand per individual.


Turn to an Affordable Sign Post Manufacturer in Canada

With our wide range of poles and accessories, we are prepared to fulfill your every pole-related need with confidence and experience backing it up. Our team at Nova Pole is ready to give you the very best for your next big project. Get in touch today to get started on your project!


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