Dec 07, 2020 - Why You Should Invest in Only the Best Dead End Utility Poles for the New Year | Electrical Poles Company

As 2021 approaches you might want to start looking into the condition of your poles. Dead-end poles are integral to the line infrastructure and are easily seen everywhere you go. Since they serve such an important role it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best so you don’t have to worry about your transmission lines.

 Dead End Distribution Poles

Nova Pole, which has experience as an electrical poles company, is here to give you the quality you and your project deserve with high-grade electrical poles for various multi-circuit or single dead-end applications. We work to match your specifications down to the last centimetre so you can be confident your poles will stand tall. Nova Pole carries a large selection of poles from the electric street light pole to decorative poles to fit your project no matter the specific specs or aesthetic. 


Let’s Breakdown The Purpose Of Dead End Distribution Poles First

They typically go unnoticed by many people but to get electricity to homes, offices, and buildings, these poles work with both high to low voltage transformation and vice versa. 

These poles are also made to be immune to any strenuous conditions and structural demands that may arise that can happen because of transmission line projects. Many people in this industry know that if you are looking for dead-end poles for a new project, or just to update and put in new ones that precise and accurate construction is very important. These poles not only have to be out in the elements year-round but also have to facilitate electrical transmissions reliably so skipping out on quality is out of the question.


Working with Environment-Friendly and Resilient Materials

Now that we have broken down the poles usage and its importance, we can get into the different construction options. These poles need to fit not only aesthetically with the area but also the terrain, location, and all that comes with it. Intended lifespan can also come into play when thinking about what kind of pole to go with. 

Tubular steel, concrete and lattice are the most popular options when looking for base material. For a high-grade pole, you can expect a lifespan of around 80 years. Tubular steel poles have the advantage of a much easier installation and manufacturing process, being mostly constructed in a factory. Lattice poles meanwhile are put together on location and come with the benefit of galvanized steel and aluminum to be lightweight. Concrete poles are popular throughout Canada and the United States, being a solid option to providing core strength and being especially resistant to weather.


Cut Back on Maintenance Costs with the Right Pole 

Of course one of the most noticeable benefits of a high-quality distribution pole is seen in your wallet. Maintenance with utility poles is typically very low, letting you save on labour, time, and replacement costs. With their high durability, they do not bend, twist, or shrink no matter what the weather throws at them. Also, collisions from speeding cars or other such accidents do not typically impact them as much as other pole types. Even when they are at the end of their lifespan replacement and dismantling is not an issue, letting you recycle it instead of having the materials end up in a landfill. 


Get the High-quality Dead End Distribution Pole Right for Your Project Now!

Turn to Nova Pole to provide you with only the best in poles. Reach us at 1-866-874-8889 to get started today discussing your project and we will help you find the right pole for you!