Feb 02, 2021 - Why Lighting Poles are Crucial During the Winter Season | Benefits and Manufacturing Process

Nova Pole specializes in quality infrastructure products that vary from highway sign structures to solar lighting. Our team of experienced professionals can help maintain and repair lighting poles to continue illuminating pathways and municipalities. We have proudly kept Canada well-lit and safe for the last 35 years and offer a variety of lighting solutions that will brighten any sports arena, walking pathways, highways, and parking lots.

Poles may be designed to handle multiple add-ons that include banner and fixture arms, flower pot mounts, and street sign brackets. We will help you design your lighting system with the requested add-ons and manufacture your project efficiently and on-time. 


Here is why choosing our lighting infrastructure services can help premises remain safe and lit during winter conditions.



Increasing Physical Safety During Winter 

For businesses, apartment complexes, streets, and communities, light poles and lighting systems deter potential attacks and offer continuous safety for all individuals. The Canadian winter is known for its severe weather conditions and a short amount of sunlight. Nova Pole will provide a sense of security and continuously install high-quality products and infrastructures. 


When given the opportunity to choose between a poorly-lit area and a bright premise, most people will choose the latter option. A well-lit area increases safety amongst a community while encouraging businesses to run after-dark. 


Light poles and infrastructures make it easier to navigate roads, highways, parking lots, and outdoor facilities. A highly-lit area decreases the chances of winter accidents that include slips and falls due to reduced visibility. 



Expert Manufacturing = Maximizing the Life of the Lighting Pole

Our skilled personnel is fully trained in complex lighting pole manufacturing, including diagnostic systems, service trucks, and necessary equipment. Here is how we ensure our lighting infrastructures will remain functioning throughout the winter:


🔹 Starting with the Base - The base is the most essential element of a lighting system. Winds and vibrations can cause cracks between the base plate and the pole, compromising the whole infrastructure. We carefully inspect all of our bases to ensure maximum performance on pathways and streets. 


🔹 Improve Lighting Systems Reliability - All of our poles are specifically designed to last through a variety of weather conditions including harsh winds, severe rain, and aggressive sunlight. We routinely test our infrastructures to prevent shock hazards and injuries.


🔹 Increased Safety - When it gets dark at 5 PM, but you’re not done work until much later, we offer you peace of mind. We ensure that light poles and parking lot lights in your facility are structurally sound and illuminate every visible pathway. 


🔹 High-Quality Manufacturing - Nova Pole infrastructures are designed by highly qualified technicians that understand the importance of constructing dependable lighting poles. We only sell products that are guaranteed to remain dependable and without any exterior damage.

🔹 Limiting Corrosion Damage - Our poles are designed with the prevention of rust and corrosion, which can potentially deteriorate the metal. The breakdown in the metal can result in numerous cracks and breaks, compromising the quality of the lighting infrastructure. 


🔹 Inspecting Fixtures - We carefully inspect loosened arms, fixtures, and other lighting pole attachments to prevent potential infrastructure damage. 


🔹 Preventing Premature Light Failures - Our poles are constantly tested for stray current and electrical shorts. Our critical attention to detail will ensure that all of our manufactured structures are in guaranteed working conditions.



Avoid Winter Accidents! - Install High-Quality Lighting Poles

We work with a combined team of experienced engineers, distributors, and contractors in manufacturing the best lighting solutions in Canada. Contact us here today to get a quote!