Mar 16, 2021 - When Should a Utility Pole Be Replaced and other Frequently Asked Questions | Durable Electrical Pole Installation Across Canada

The electrical pole is the bright choice of the modern age.

Infrastructure poles illuminate the road you’re on, are a large power supply and are accessible and abundant amongst society. At Nova Pole, we specialize in manufacturing tenacious highway sign structures and floodlight poles that enable cities and towns to allow for a safer community amongst Canadians. We offer an extensive line of pre-engineered, standard class pole designs for transmission applications from 30’ to 120’ in length and classes up to H10.

We answer your most Frequently Asked Questions and guide you on maximizing your lighting pole’s lifespan.


What are the advantages of infrastructure poles?

There are various benefits in choosing infrastructure poles. Here are some advantages that can improve your premises:

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Low maintenance

  • Larger manufacturing flexibility (wall thickness, diameter)

  • A long-lasting life of over 50+ years

  • Direct burial

  • Flagpole applications


How Tall Should a Lighting Pole Be?

The height of your infrastructure pole should be determined by the amount of light required for the safety of the pedestrians and the desired aesthetics. The shorter your pole, the more concentrated lighting you will get at ground level. For example, large parking lots use 25-foot poles to provide abundant amounts of light, while larger arenas like sports venues typically require 40-feet poles and higher to provide sufficient illumination without blinding the athletes or the spectators.

Lighting surveys are crucial in determining which pole is best suited for your premise, as they can appropriately determine the mounting height, fixture configurations and pole quality for the desired area.


How Do I Determine which Infastructure Pole is Best Suited?

When selecting a pole, the priority is to always consider the wind pressure in the assigned location to manufacture a pole with the appropriate height and shape. The skeleton of the post consists of the pole, anchors, and fixtures, and it is crucial to consider all factors when choosing the installation of the structure.


How Do I Inspect My Utility Poles?

It is vital to have a detailed program in place to routinely check for visual and stability factors when it comes to utility poles, especially in more populated service areas. Your inspection should include speed tests to check the pole’s durability, an inspection beneath ground level to monitor if there are concerns with pests and analyzing any divots or holes that can shorten the lifespan of the pole.


When Should a Utility Pole Be Replaced?


There various ways to determine if a utility pole should be replaced. Here are some telltale signs:

  • If the pole is no longer functioning: The most obvious reason why a pole should be replaced, often due to an expired lifespan and intermittent outages. A utility pole that is not working is a utility pole that can potentially cause night hazards for pedestrians, so it’s best to get it replaced quickly.

  • If the pole is overly dry: A chipped and gutted pole must be replaced immediately. The decay mostly occurs from environmental factors including strong gusts of wind or accumulation of snow and rain. Deterioration will not only affect the lighting pole’s performance, but it can also become a hazard if it’s near the point of collapsing.

  • If the pole is leaning: Leaning poles need to be replaced immediately as they can become dangerous during thunderstorms, and instances of strong winds. They are more prone to snap during severe weather, and can even increase the chances of fire if it collapses on nearby structures.


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