Apr 08, 2021 - Wooden Utility Poles are on the Way Out and Steel Poles are Here to Stay! | Experienced Tubular Steel Poles Contractors

The future of tubular steel poles is sky-high. 

While wooden poles have been traditionally the choice in the pole market, tubular steel poles are quickly becoming the better alternative - they service economic value, are tenacious throughout harsh Canadian weather conditions and are maintenance-free. Tubular steel pole implementation just makes sense in growing Canadian communities, and we are spearheading the movement towards a brighter future.

The quality of steel poles is rooted in the galvanizing process that provides corrosion resistance and extended life for tubular steel poles. Our tubular steel pole contractors across Canada can provide you with tenacious lighting and residential infrastructures that positively impact your community and enhance pedestrian safety.

We can help you choose the most efficient structures to deliver your requirements while providing affordable systems that last for decades to come.


What are the benefits of tubular steel poles?

There are various advantages in choosing tubular steel poles over traditional wooden infrastructures. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Easy to install

  • Safe and durable

  • Engineered to withstand any harsh weather conditions

  • Cost-effective

  • Sustainable

  • Aesthetically more pleasing than wooden structures


Why choose tubular steel poles over traditional wooden infrastructures?

Steel distribution poles have proven to maintain their function even through pole failure. As an engineered product, a steel pole is designed with specific requirements essential for the job, including strength and load weights. As a result, tubular steel poles are reliable, without having the add-ons of any splitting, bending or knotting that is commonly found in wooden structures.


Here are some additional advantages tubular steel poles have over wooden infrastructures:

  • Steel poles are on average 30-40% lighter than wooden poles

  • Tubular structures are easier to carry and transport, without the risk of damage

  • Steel poles require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts, as there is no need to compensate for pole shrinking or replacing hardware

  • Steel poles can be completely recycled, eliminating the cost of safe pole disposal

  • Steel poles can be repaired or changed if there is accidental damage, unlike wooden poles that require increased professional attention

  • Steel poles can be taller and carry heavier loads, reducing the costs of implementing more wooden poles to achieve the same job


What tubular steel infrastructures do we provide?

Enhance your space’s design and increase walkway safety with our durable tubular steel poles made for the Canadian weather. 

With heights up to 200feet and diameters extending to 5’6’’, our poles can support a variety of different functions, while creating stable power transmission and distribution networks. Our infrastructures can withstand wind gusts of 100 MPH (160km/hr) ensuring that the integral infrastructure is not compromised, and all of our systems are built in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada before selling them to our valued clients.

We manufacture, install and service a variety of infrastructures to serve your applications including:

  • Lighting

  • Traffic signs

  • Electrical supply

  • Communication

  • Aesthetically-pleasing poles

In addition to our top-notch steel infrastructures, we provide aesthetically pleasing base covers, arms and fittings for the lights. Maximize your design potential without having to sacrifice superior craftsmanship and function. Our cutting-edge technologies enable our steel poles to surpass industry standards and provide you with tenacious designs that improve communities and open spaces.


Illuminate Your Project with Durable Tubular Steel Poles in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario!

We work with industry-leading engineers, manufacturers and staff to provide you with your custom design that is long-lasting and able to withstand all weather. Our dedicated customer service team and knowledgeable staff can provide you with the highest-quality structures specific to your project.

Take confidence in improving your system’s reliability, and contact our experts at Nova Pole today.