Aug 24, 2021 - Why Investing in Great Lighting for Sports Stadiums is Important | Durable Lighting Poles Across Canada

Stadium lighting poles can light up dark areas in large settings and can greatly benefit those who regularly use them. They are easily controlled, energy efficient lights that provide dynamic lighting during nighttime sports events. At Nova Pole, we have a superior selection of durable sports lighting poles you can install for your field. We are a highly reputable manufacturing company of superior tubular steel flood light poles and other street light fixtures. 

We will provide some insight on why it’s important to install sufficient lighting in sports stadiums and how it enhances public safety. We are your best choice for all your lighting needs - find out why! 


The Importance of Durable Stadium Lights

Stadium lights can be one of the most powerful fixtures you can install on a large field or empty area. They can easily be mounted at high heights and angles, usually between 12-60 degrees. If you have a crowd of dedicated fans yelling their hearts out, an outstanding stadium light pole enhances that experience with a powerful LED light to highlight every part of the field. LED lights, in particular, can light up an area close to 60,000 lumens and have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. 

Another reason why excellent stadium lights should be installed is the safely built, durable lighting poles that are durable enough to withstand any weather condition. The rugged toughness of the LED lights in our poles can withstand flying dust or rapidly changing temperatures. The lights also exhibit far greater control to adjust brightness and colour and lower power consumption to reduce Co2 emissions. They are far more energy-efficient and eco-conscious than previous lighting models. 

Overall, having great stadium lights is important for both fans participating in the events and also the athletes on the field. Proper lighting poles in a stadium is key to a great performance and an excellent experience from everyone involved. 


Finding the Superior Lighting Pole Solutions 

The best plays that are made are always a product of the conditions surrounding them. That is why having superior lighting poles added to your field or stadium is important in the long run. 

Since LED lights from stadium light poles are easily dimmable, you can expect different results for different events, depending on your preferences. Stadium lighting poles also integrate compact and cost-efficient lighting energy to brighten your event. This aspect helps keep these fixtures lightweight compared to other stadium lights and makes them easier to install. 

They are also a factor in reducing distracting light pollution as some stadiums are situated in residential neighbourhoods as opposed to downtown areas. Superior stadium lighting poles with LED lights are an ideal solution to reducing light pollution and avoids disturbing the surrounding households. The stadium lighting poles give you coverage in spots where you need it with a lot fewer gaps or overexposure to other areas. 


How Proper Lighting Secures Public Safety

Another added benefit of adding sport lighting poles to your stadium is the enhancement of public safety. At Nova Pole, we believe great lighting can keep areas bright enough to monitor people safely. You never know what happens in the dark, so good lighting in a big space like a stadium is a good idea. We bring years of production experience in sports stadium lighting poles and public infrastructure products to ensure your utilities are in good hands. We work on delivering high-quality, affordable, poles designed by our top engineers and builders. 

Stadium lighting poles built-in with LED lights are the future of lighting fixtures within various stadiums and spaces. They are highly durable and useful to spotlight the safety of people using the area. If you have access to a big space and need sufficient lighting, then consider our sports light poles for your next project. 

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