Nov 09, 2021 - Lighting Poles Are Vital in Maintaining Pedestrian Safety During the Winter | Stay Safe with Nova Pole

With winter right around the corner, lighting poles become essential in illuminating dark street corners and protecting nearby pedestrians. Even in the harshest conditions of blowing wind, snow, and ice, lighting poles can deliver effective lighting to help you see where you’re going while ensuring pedestrians’ safety when they’re crossing the street. 

As one of the most reputable signpost manufacturers in Canada, Nova Pole provides high-quality infrastructure poles constructed out of tubular steel for a variety of commercial and private clients. We believe street lighting poles are vital to pedestrian safety while increasing their chances of staying safe on wintery roads. The Nova Pole team can help your streets, pathways and outdoor spaces be well lit long after the Sun has set.


Why Is Proper Lighting On The Streets Essential For Pedestrian Safety?

Proper lighting on the streets can help both drivers and pedestrians stay safe, especially if there's snow and/or ice on the ground. If lighting poles are installed in the right places and in the right corners, it illuminates any potential dark spots or blind gaps that drivers can miss. With insufficient lighting, drivers can risk hitting walking bystanders, resulting in serious injuries or even legal action which is why street lighting poles are important in shining its light to make sure everyone knows where they’re going. 

Another benefit of adding proper street lighting is the certainty and safety pedestrians feel when they’re near them. It gives them more assurance of something bad not happening to them in comparison to walking in the dark alone. While it remains to be seen if street lights improve public safety and reduce street crime, there’s no doubt it has some impact. Moreover, street lighting has also shown to improve the quality of neighbourhood life for residents. They may choose to stay out later than usual, knowing their surroundings are visible thanks to the street lights. 

While street lighting poles are created to help drivers see better, it’s also the pedestrians’ responsibility to be alert and use them to stay safe as well. 


What Are Some Ways Pedestrians Can Enhance Their Chances Of Safety During The Winter?

Pedestrians have a role to play in their safety on the roads and streets. Since many things in their surroundings may be out of their control, there are some ways for them to enhance their safety during the winter. 

Walking on slippery streets can be dangerous because of weather conditions that have brought on plenty of ice and snow. Pedestrians should wear proper footwear to combat this and reduce your risk of falling or slipping. They should also carry as few things as possible to stay light and avoid disrupting their balance while walking. 

Another common sense tip is to avoid as many distractions as possible and keep your head up in the direction you’re travelling to. It’s also important you stay off your phone as you may miss signs, street lights, or incoming traffic. That being said, it’s especially important that you avoid jaywalking and only cross the road at intersections with traffic lights or marked crosswalks. 

If possible, pedestrians should try to plan their outings and travel during daylight hours with good weather. If this isn’t possible, make an effort to travel in a single file, facing the traffic, if you encounter a street filled with snow. If you do have to travel at night, avoid dark areas and stay close to lighting poles to create distance between you and the road. This also lets the driver know you’re walking nearby. 

Lastly, pedestrians should try to communicate with drivers while travelling. It can be as simple as maintaining eye contact with them while crossing or stepping off the curb. On roads with ice and snow, there may be a slight delay in vehicles stopping because of the slippery conditions. Make sure they do a complete stop before crossing the street. Moreover, make sure you’re visible and the driver can see you. Try wearing bright, reflective items and avoid wearing clothes that will match the landscape. 


How Does Nova Pole Make Roads Safer For Pedestrians?

With all these safety tips for pedestrians to consider, they can only enhance their safety by installing some of our exceptional street lighting poles and signs. They can help illuminate dark spots and areas, assisting drivers in seeing where they’re going while ensuring they are visible and protecting them from dangerous blindspots. 

Consider choosing Nova Pole to help you with your next construction project and install superior street lighting poles today.