Jan 12, 2022 - Industrial Lighting Pole Accessories | Starting Off 2022 with Aesthetically Pleasing Decorative Base Covers!

Infrastructure lighting poles and industrial sign structures are an important asset to keeping roads safe, while also making public spaces look nice and clean. While they’re constructed out of durable material and able to withstand any condition, their accessories are equally important to their structure because they provide effective support and simple aesthetics. As one of the most reputable signpost manufacturers in Canada, Nova Pole provides high-quality, industry-standard lighting poles that light up all your local public spaces. 

In addition to dealing with lighting post and sign structures in Canada, we also create and supply the best lighting pole accessories for many commercial projects. Today, we’ll detail the benefits of adding accessories like decorative base covers to your lighting pole structures, as well as why you should invest in powder coating for them. We’ll also explain the reasons why you should rely on Nova Pole for your lighting pole projects and needs. 


What Are The Benefits Of Decorative Base Covers?

Decorative base covers offer added protection for your lighting pole while also giving it a pleasant look. Although they’re inconspicuous on the surface, they provide stability and support for the lighting pole through any weather condition. 

At Nova Pole, we offer a wide range of decorative bases for different types of lighting poles. Each base design is carefully constructed from the finest cast aluminum half-shells and finished off with stainless steel bolts. These base covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours ranging from simple square bases to more complex, elaborate ones that emphasize the style. Each base is made to suit your needs and are separated into different categories: rotary, safety, auger, and service.

Steel light poles already have the advantage of their industrial strength and durability in windy areas. They’re also made out of steel, which costs less than aluminum material. Accessories like a base cover will no doubt add support for them in the long run. Another example of a lighting pole accessory is a bird guard, which prevents birds from landing and perching on your fixtures. They’re non-conductive and made from durable polycarbonate and U.V inhibitors that are clear in colour. 


Other useful accessories for your lighting pole we have available at Nova Pole include:   

  • Aluminum Arms
  • Auger Bases
  • Banner & Basket Arms
  • Bullhorns
  • Junction Boxes
  • Rotary Bases
  • Safety Bases
  • Security Hand Hole System
  • Service Bases
  • Tenon Adaptors
  • Miscellaneous

Lighting poles and their accessories can withstand any element that comes their way. One particular item that can help support their durability is powder coating.


Why Should You Invest In Powder Coating?

Lighting posts and sign structures are routinely susceptible to erosion caused by outdoor weather conditions. If the weather is considerably harsh, it may even damage them. Wind, rain and sun can gradually chip away the surface of your lighting pole, reducing their overall aesthetic appeal. With a few coats of our effective powder coating, we can help preserve the lighting poles for longer and keep their clean sheen and style. 

Powder coating is specifically designed to protect your street poles from steel corrosion and carries many benefits. The biggest one of them all is long-term corrosion protection. It also provides resistance to sand and salt, as well as chemical protection against elements like pet urine, flyers, and defrosting materials. Powder coating also ensures vandalism like graffiti can be easily removed and enhances a lighting pole’s overall look with a high gloss finish. Moreover, if your pole comes in a specific colour, the powder coating can match it, depending on your preferences. 

By applying powder coating, you’ll create a completely covered and impenetrable surface for your lighting pole. You’ll need to make sure it’s evenly coating the surface to make sure the steel doesn’t interact with other metals in the area. It’s also safe to use for the environment because, unlike liquid paint, powder coating emits fewer chemicals, reduces waste, and prevents heavy metals from going into the ground. 

Powder coating is a good investment for your lighting poles, so next, we’ll go over why Nova Pole should assist you with your lighting pole needs. 


Why Should You Choose Nova Pole For All Your Industrial Lighting Pole Needs?

Our team at Nova Pole creates exceptional lighting poles and signpost structures for various commercial spaces and projects. We use the highest quality metal materials to create the poles, structures, and accessories used on streets, intersections, and parking lots. Consider working with us today for your next big commercial project planning. 

Contact us to learn more about our lighting pole products and how they can help you enhance your infrastructure.