May 17, 2022 - Commercial Lighting Poles Not Providing Enough Light? Common Solutions Nova Pole Can Help You With!

Outdoor lighting and commercial lighting poles are important assets for any business with public spaces. It enhances your property’s appearance and promotes more traffic with increased visibility and pedestrian safety. Without durable lighting poles to brighten parking lot spaces or a street corner, you risk leaving a lot of people in the dark, whether they’re people crossing the street or drivers riding in their vehicles. It’s important to maintain high-quality commercial lighting poles that are properly installed and won’t succumb to exterior damage or promotion. 

At Nova Pole, we ensure your public property has the effective function of secure lighting poles in place. In addition to lighting, we’re a company that also provides clients with manufacturing tubular steel poles, signpost structures, and flood light posts. We offer fast deliveries of top-quality engineered lighting poles and sign structures to help both drivers and pedestrians navigate spaces safely. 

Contact Nova Pole today to learn how we can help you design and install exceptional lighting poles in areas that desperately need brightness. We’ll provide you with a fast and affordable quote to consider for your next big installation project. Here’s what you should know about effective lighting poles for your property. 


What Should I Do If A Lighting Pole Is Rusted?


Rust and corrosion can gradually affect the strength and integrity of a lighting pole. There are several ways you can circumvent this problem from getting worse, but let’s go over how rust can affect your lighting pole first. It’s often attributed to rainwater that can accelerate the process of surface metal rust. As a result, the risk of a ground-level lighting pole breaking away, falling, or causing extensive property or bodily harm increases. 

Steel and aluminum are often used to build lighting poles and are highly corrosive materials. Like any other material, if it’s not taken care of properly, it can be easily broken down. If a lighting pole isn’t cleaned of excess salt or protected from extreme weather, it can lead to premature weathering and damage that can impact everyone’s safety. Also, consider the long-term external damages from small dents and bumps from people and vehicles. If the lighting pole’s base is severely rusted, a big bump can bring down the entire structure. 

Some of the ways to protect your lighting pole from rust are by adding a decorative cover to the base to conceal its corrosion until a proper fix is applied and reinforce its strength. You can also use corrosion resistance products and methods, such as multi-stage surface cleaning, powder coating, internal rust inhibitors, and galvanizing products. Powder coating, satin polish, and anodizing materials are also useful if your lighting pole is made out of steel. 

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, you can be assured that our lighting poles are carefully crafted to withstand the natural elements. If our poles are in need of maintenance or repair, we'll take the initiative in order to maintain their strength and integrity. This also includes improving the lighting of our pole structures to ensure effective brightness and safety. 


How Much Light Do I Need For My Space?


Lighting pole structures need an appropriate amount of light from their bulbs to properly illuminate your property. The age of your light fixtures and the bulbs should factor into your decision to update your light pole with modern technologies that provide efficient energy savings and avoid casting unflattering, yellowish light. You should avoid light poles made out of cheap materials that use low-wattage bulbs to illuminate an area. 

If your lighting pole doesn’t have sufficient lighting, it can increase the risk of criminal activity and danger for the people in your area. Vandalism, theft, and other crimes may become more rampant when your property is covered in darkness. If you can, install a lighting pole that brightens any dark spots where light is limited. Illuminate any general spaces such as parking lots, front and back entryways, landscaping, wide pathways, and narrow alleys.  

LED light bulbs for structure poles are quickly becoming the preferred choice for manufacturers designing commercial lighting poles. It not only enhances the decorative aesthetic of the pole but is also practical and efficient when it matters. This is a considerable factor during the installation process to make sure the pole is secure and working properly. 


How Do I Ensure My Lighting Pole Is Properly Installed?


An improperly installed lighting pole often has loose bolts, a leaning structure, and damaged anchor bolts. The lighting pole may also be missing arms, brackets, or light bulbs that make it work at its best. Improper grounding is another factor that contributes to badly structured lighting poles that can break down under extreme pressure.  

Property owners should take urgent care in contacting a lighting pole manufacturer like ourselves to maintain, repair, or replace broken or old structures. They can be legally liable if a pole injures someone or causes an accident in the area.  

Ensure your commercial lighting poles are installed strongly and securely on your property. Contact Nova Pole today to learn more about our high-quality, cost-effective infrastructure pole, sign structures, and flood light posts. Ask us for a quote on your next commercial project.