Jul 07, 2022 - Steel electrical poles are much safer than wooden ones | We manufacture the best in the business!

Many neighbourhoods have installed decades old wooden electrical poles that have gone through a lot of weather wear and tear over the years. While at one point wooden poles were effective at lighting up most streets, that isn’t the case anymore as modern manufacturing has made use of tubular steel lighting poles. Steel electrical lighting poles are more durable than wooden ones, lasting much longer over time and in harsh weather conditions. Steel poles can be a great investment for any public space or residential area that needs immediate and consistent lighting. 

Nova Pole is an electrical poles company and sign post manufacturer with years of experience and expertise in the public infrastructure industry. We can manufacture and help install durable steel electrical lighting poles in any place, whether it’s in an industrial, commercial, or residential area. With steel lighting poles, you’ll receive longer periods with light and power without ever having to compromise on the quality. 


Why Are Steel Electrical Poles Easier To Install Than Wooden Ones?

Wooden electrical poles have their own issues to deal with, whether it’s in sourcing the right materials to manufacture them or transporting them to the right place. One of the advantages steel poles have over wooden poles is that they’re at least 30% lighter. Their lighter weight reduces the overall cost of transportation, handling, and construction. 

Steel electrical poles also require less maintenance than wooden poles, greatly reducing the costs of maintenance. You won’t need any tightening hardware to compensate for pole shrinkage and the steel material is able to easily resist corrosion. Aside from periodic inspection and cleaning, you won’t need to do much else during its installation. The steel pole’s strength is able to withstand any impact and can be repaired or changed during normal hours easily. 

It’s also easy to use and install, as steel poles can be pre-drilled to accommodate special customer framing requirements and existing hardware. Afterwards, if the poles reach the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced, it can be sold to scrap dealers to be completely recycled. 

Electrical steel poles can work under any condition and can withstand large amounts of impact. 


Why Are Steel Electrical Poles Better Than Wooden Ones In Harsh Weather Conditions?

Under enough pressure and stress, wooden poles can break down and collapse, causing disturbances on the road and in the surrounding area. The wooden material can also be hard to clean up. Luckily, the use of steel electrical poles can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a very long time. 

Steel poles aren’t as susceptible to the falling domino effect like in wooden poles. This refers to a power system failure, wherein when one electrical pole falls down, it brings all the others down and disrupts the power and lighting. This can also bring down steel writing used to deliver power to other poles, making it more dangerous as electricity leaks out. 

Steel lighting poles have consistently been proven to stand tall in any weather condition or structure failure. Each pole is specifically designed to meet specific strength and load requirements, making it a strong and reliable product you can count on. Its uniform strength and dimensions can help you avoid serious lighting situations from ever occurring. 


What Are The Advantages Of Steel Electrical Poles Long-Term?

Steel electrical poles offer many long-term benefits, but the most advantageous are its abilities to stay durable without maintenance and prevent gradual corrosion. Galvanized steel material provides project managers with significant cost-savings during planning and execution because it can be installed unpainted. 

Additionally, the minimal maintenance requirements of steel pole structures can greatly reduce both its direct costs of maintenance operations and costs of traffic delays or any other accident. After installation, the pole retains its shape and strength and can protect itself from external damage, coming from birds, insects, rot, or fires. You won’t also have to re-tighten hardware or deal with any toxic elements from the steel pole. 

If you need durable and reliable steel lighting poles for your public area, contact Nova Pole today to learn how we can assist for your next manufacturing project. Work with us now to get the best steel lighting poles for your nearest neighbourhood.