Sep 12, 2022 - How To Select The Right Lighting Poles For Your Needs! | The Best Lighting Pole Manufacturers for The Job

Lighting poles are engineered structures designed to support single or multiple lighting in various public areas. They’re created with very sturdy and durable metal that can support heavy signs, pennants, banners, and other sign structures used most frequently on highways and roads. Additionally, they help drivers see where they’re going and prevent accidents with pedestrians. Naturally, you want the right lighting poles installed in a specific area that not only gets the job done, but also provides a subtle aesthetic to the area. 

At Novapole, we’re a lighting poles manufacturer that provides infrastructure planners and project managers with effective street lighting poles for any purpose. A lot of planning and detail go into the creation of these lighting poles and you should choose the right one to install for a property or public area that best suits its needs. Contact our team today to learn more about our creation process and how we can deliver our products to you. 

Finding the right lighting poles depends on a variety of factors, but whatever your choice may be, you’ll be getting consistent, efficient lighting from our products. Here are some things you may need to consider. 



What Type Of Pole Is Used For Lighting?

Lighting poles are tall and rigid structures that provide a light source from the top. They are often constructed out of aluminum or lightweight metal with great strength and corrosion-free properties. They can add visibility to areas at night in many cities, towns, highways, gardens, parking spaces, and many more places. It also adds security to help reduce crime, burglaries, injuries, etc. 

Different lighting poles can be made out of different materials such as wood, stainless steel, cement, or aluminum among others. Wood lighting poles have been the traditional go-to material for street lighting, but are vulnerable to rotting or extensive damage due to weather. Cement light poles are stronger and durable, but can be expensive to install because of their heavy weight and high transportation costs, making them less commonly used. Fiber reinforced polymer can also be used because of its good insulation, strong heat and rust resistance, and excellent mechanical strength.

However, the most reliable and commonly used material for lighting poles are aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum lighting poles have outstanding strength and corrosion resistance. They’re also lightweight to transport and have high durability during the most extreme weather conditions. This is the strongest reason why many modern street lights utilize this material. 

Stainless steel light poles also have excellent strength and can resist different chemical and electrochemical elements. They can also withstand high-temperatures in any condition. 

Although lighting poles can be very helpful for any public setting, you’ll need to support it with the right base and finish to fully take advantage of its capabilities. 


Why Are Bases And Finishes Critical To A Commercial Lighting Pole?

The bases and finishes of a standard aluminum or stainless steel lighting pole is to resist any physical force that comes its way. This can be things such as ice and wind loads that a lighting pole can expect to impact it at some point. With a proper base installed on the bottom of the lighting pole, it will be able to withstand any forceful impact from strong winds or heavy snow or ice. Moreover, bases work in conjunction with the shape and height of the lighting pole itself, including with any attachments to the product. 

The finishes of a steel or aluminum lighting pole can also help prolong its service life. This makes the pole require minimal maintenance and be aesthetically pleasing to the common eye. They can also prevent corrosion from damaging the pole itself and rust from forming in different corners. With the right finish for your lighting pole, it will create an ample margin of structural capacity to support the structure for a long period of time. 


Why Is Nova Pole The Best Choice For All Your Lighting Pole Manufacturing?

As a reputable manufacturer and distributor of durable street lighting poles and sign structure, you can be assured of the high quality products we create and deliver for your next big construction project. Our top quality engineered lighting poles will provide your space with a consistent amount of light to brighten any darkness. These products will not only enhance parking lots of streets, but also add a nice aesthetic to any public space. 

Contact Novapole today to learn more about our manufacturing process and how we can provide you with strong, sturdy tubular steel lighting poles. Work with our team now to explore all our design options and find the right lighting pole or sign structure for your next project!