Dec 04, 2023 - Sign Structures Manufacturer | How We Adhere To Regulation & Compliance Standards

Staying current with regulations and compliance standards when manufacturing sign posts and traffic signs is both legal and essential to safety and quality. Nova Pole stands at the forefront of this commitment in British Columbia, Canada ensuring each product meets and exceeds industry standards.



There are countless regulations surrounding sign structure manufacturing that must be observed, from material specifications and structural integrity, reflective coatings and installation guidelines all the way through to public safety, durability of signs and environmental sustainability. Different governing bodies put in place these regulations in order to safeguard public safety, durability of signs, and environmental sustainability.


Nova Pole is certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Standards, and the very high standards of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). In addition, our products are certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  The company also designs and fabricates according to AASHTO standard specifications. With extensive state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, supported by a large department of highly qualified full-time engineers on staff to provide detailed structural engineering design, the company can offer a full range of infrastructure needs, as well as custom designs.


Nova Pole recognizes that adherence to compliance is a continuous process, and our multi-layered, thorough strategy incorporates several critical elements. We're committed to staying ahead of industry standards and investing in the creation of advanced signage structures. These structures not only adhere to existing regulations but also pioneer new standards in quality and innovation, ensuring seamless compliance. Our focus is on using only top-grade materials that meet regulatory standards in terms of strength, durability, and weather resistance. This includes the selection of superior steel and aluminum, alongside reflective materials that fulfill visibility standards. Our engineering and design team specializes in developing sign structures that are not just robust and functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Adhering to strict regulatory requirements, they craft products that efficiently fulfill their intended roles.


Moreover, each traffic sign and sign post produced undergoes rigorous testing and quality control checks. These evaluations focus on structural integrity, reflectivity, and longevity, ensuring every product meets the highest standards of compliance and reliability before leaving our facility.


Compliance in sign structure manufacturing directly affects public safety. Well-made and compliant sign posts and traffic signs ensure clear communication of traffic rules and warnings, contributing to road safety. Nova Pole takes its role as an integral member of this ecosystem seriously, understanding that each sign and post plays an essential part in contributing to it.


Nova Pole understands the regulatory landscape is ever-evolving and our dedication to staying abreast of these changes is unwavering. By quickly adapting to new regulations, we demonstrate our dedication to excellence and safety.


Knowledge is at the core of compliance. At Nova Pole, we invest in regular training for our team members so they are well-versed in all of the latest regulations and best practices. Furthermore, we believe in sharing this expertise with clients and partners alike so they understand its significance when manufacturing sign structures. Nova Pole takes great pride in the partnerships it forms with clients that support safety and quality. We work closely with them to understand their individual requirements and provide customized, compliant solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Our commitment to compliance provides them with products that are safe, durable, and dependable - this promise extends even to products sold online!


Nova Pole is eager to embrace the opportunities presented by new technologies and materials in sign structure production. We pledge our dedication to incorporating these advancements while upholding compliance and safety measures at every turn.


Navigating regulations and compliance issues when manufacturing sign structures is a complex but essential component of our industry. At Nova Pole, we take this responsibility very seriously and our products stand as testaments of our dedication to quality, safety, and compliance - reflecting our position as leaders within British Columbia's sign structure manufacturing sector and beyond.