Pole Glossary

Pole Glossary

Anchor Bolts: Steel bolts poured in concrete; allows fastening of pole to ground.

Banner Arms: Horizontal metal projections function to support a banner.

Base Cover: Two piece metal cover placed at base of pole; function is cosmetic — covers anchor bolts.

Base Plate: Welded to base of pole shaft; base plate allows pole to be mounted to anchor bolts

Bolt Circle: Diagonal measure from center of one anchor bolt to another.

Bolt Square: Measure from one anchor bolt to another adjacent anchor bolt.

Bollard: Decorative post used as a traffic or pedestrian barrier.

Bullhorn: Mounted at top of pole; allows for mounting of multiple fixtures.

Drill Pattern: Specific arrangement of holes, usually drilled at top of pole to allow for fixture mounting.

EPA – Effective Projected Area: Used to calculate loading of a pole; every object mounted on a pole should have an EPA value.

Flange Plate: Connection plate between two poles.

Grounding Provision: Object, usually a bolt, that is mounted inside pole to allow for electrical grounding.

HSS: Hollow structure section.

Isotach Windmap: Mean occurrence wind map gives 50 year wind velocity for specific areas in the country.

Mounting Height: Height measured from ground level to position of luminaire.

Luminaire: Fixture or lamp mounted on pole.

Nut Cover: Plastic covers that snap over anchor bolt nuts; have a cosmetic function.

Powder Coat: A strong paint finish that is applied via spraying coloured powder and baking it into the surface of an object.

T-Base: Ballast housing.

Tenon: Pipe welded to top of pole to allow mounting of a fixture or bullhorn.

Wall Thickness: Thickness measure of pole shaft.


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